Custom Drainage System Installation for your Lawn

The Lawn Brigade can offer several solutions to any of the following drainage problems you may have:

Yard erosion
Standing water
Flooding into your home
Foundation problems

We will send a Lawn Brigade representative to evaluate your lawn water drainage problem and design any one of the following solutions:

  • Surface and Area Drains – Drainage designed to remove standing, ponding or flooding water.
  • Subsurface or French Drains – Designed to control ground water and eliminate soggy saturated soil.
  • Gutter and Down Spout Drains – T.L.B.I. can extend existing downspouts away from problem areas such as flowerbeds and low lying areas.
  • Sump Pump Applications – Sump Pumps can be incorporated with any of the above drainage systems where an inadequate slope exists. Sump Pumps allow water to be pumped up hill away from the problem area.
Man fixing drainage - Landscape Design in Arlington, TX
White pipe - Landscape Design in Arlington, TX
Drainage system with green box - Landscape Design in Arlington, TX